Don’t bring a banana to a swordfight

Advertising and marketing

Brands are a bit like old cats. Some are a pleasure to be with and sometimes they just make you grumpy. Lets have some fun. Think about the time when a brand really got on your goat. Is quite easy, because some brands dont realise when they are totally missing the mark.

Like for example, the bank that makes you queue for hours and run around in circles. Then, the banks’ “customer care department” phones to upsell you to some lame new service offering. Or…the rental car company that quotes you one price (including insurance) and then, when you get to the counter they say…. “would you like wheel and windscreen insurance”.

What about the supermarket that does its shelf packing during the busiest hours or the airline that offers you loyalty rewards that are almost impossible to redeem.

When a pie looks great on the menu but its really half empty, generally, you don’t go back for more. Do you ?

Nobody deliberately tries to fail, but, some brands lose customers daily and don’t seem to care. Dont bring a banana to a swordfight. If you have a BRAND make sure it isn’t irritating your customers. Otherwise you will lose them to competitors who, arm themselves correctly with great customer service and monitor the effectiveness of their well intentioned client engagement programs.

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