Your company brand image depends on your internal communication

Marketing communication

At iStream we think about corporate identity from every perspective and help our clients to build distinctive brands that significantly improve sales and market share. Internal communication is one of the vital aspects we address.

What circulates through your organisation directly affects the health of your company

Internal communication happens all day and every day in your workplace but, because we do it all the time, too often we pay little attention to delivering it effectively

Check the vital statistics

Communicating well with your employees is an important strategic component of your company’s well-being. Internal communication is not just about words; it involves trust, relationships, delegation and control.

Communicate for a safe environment

It is important to be communicating the right messages about occupational health and safety to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

Communicate for effective teamwork

Internal communication is the written, spoken and non-verbal interaction among the people in your organisation who get things done. It takes cooperation, collaboration and coordination to achieve a company’s objectives. Internal communication creates expectations, clarifies roles and accountabilities, gives guidance where it is needed and recognition when it is deserved.

Communicate for high morale

Effective internal communication encourages openness, fosters ownership of the company’s values, vision and mission, and boosts morale. It enables relevant top-down communication and stimulates essential feedback from employees to top management.

Communicate for healthy results

To ensure credibility with all stakeholders, branding must be consistent in everything that is said and done. All marketing communications, all brand experiences, and all aspects of product delivery need to work together and add up to something meaningful. So it is essential that your employees are fully immersed in the messages that you wish to convey, internally and to the market. Internal communication ensures that knowledge sharing and collaboration are part of the daily workflow across all functions of your business. It ensures that initiatives are implemented and followed at the local level.

Monitor your vital signs

It is worth having your internal communication checked regularly. iStream has the talent, tools, and experience to ensure that the various streams of information in and around your company are managed effectively to establish and reinforce your corporate identity.

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