Project support providing engineering, communication and management services.
A private collection of operational media projects and assets for sale
Sales and technical support for media and advertising assets

iStream International is an established holding company and head office for a diverse range of brands and unique, operational projects in the media and technology space. With a focus on expertise and experience, we have successfully positioned ourselves as a trusted partner for various ventures. As a holding company, we oversee and support the growth of multiple brands and projects.

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Through our unique and exciting concept,, we aim to revolutionize the advertising industry by offering a comprehensive online platform for buying and selling advertising, sponsorships, and promotional opportunities.
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the online multi-media and business support channel dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and sustainable development. Register at to become part of our network and benefit. Follow us on X and join the conversation

Contact Information 

Digital Projects 

Address: Gqeberha, South Africa
Contact: Dagan Wiblin 
Phone: +27  (0)78 609 1499


25 Seventh Avenue 


Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) South Africa

Contact: 065 633 0234 

Advertising Support 

Address: Gauteng, South Africa
Contact: Jarno Morgan
Phone: +27 (0)60 698 4546


Engineering Support 

Address: Gqeberha, South Africa
Contact: Des  Bartlett
Phone: +27 (0)65 633 0234

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Project Status : Live and operational at

Professional Services for technical support and project management

Eco-ventures and property investments : ** Launching now ** “BitcoinTree” . This product is for those that need to see real growth. Read the white paper.

A trading platform for artefacts , antiques, art, music, food, entertainment and general happiness 

This product is a media management control and management system developed for companies with better things to do than manage media.

T’Kuip Hills is a specialist Safari brand developed for the T’Kuip Hills Rehabilitation and Sustainability Project. Read the white Paper

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